Chapter 2: Balance

Hi beautiful people. 

Recently I have been struggling a lot with balancing, expressing my negative thoughts and feelings while also remaining grateful and understanding of my privilege and everything I love…. That was a very serious intro to a not so serious blog post I promise. So I came up with a method. I decided that for everything that comes to mind that bothers me in life I’d come up with 3 things I’m grateful for/ that I love about life. So every time I think of something or experience something I don’t like, instead of feeling guilty about it and getting more upset I mend it with positive thoughts and intentions. 

Here is that list......

I dislike:

  • When people talk a lot about something they know nothing about. (Literally the root of bigotry, homophobia, all of our worlds problems basically but that’s a different post)
  • Loud Chewers
  • People who are condescending 
  • The feeling of certain photo paper on my nails
  • Cars that scream anytime they accelerate 
  • When I see someone having a nightmare 
  • Feeling Helpless
  • Not being able to solve a problem (literally any kind personal, world,  math, doesn’t matter. I wanna fix it)
  • When people can’t see their worth 

I love:

  • When people text me that they’re home safe after hanging out
  • Animals that are named after other animals (my fishes name is Armadillo) 
  • Those mornings where your coffee is just perfect (if you go to Dunkin you know what I’m talking about)
  • When 2 cars switch lanes with each other on the highway (idk its just cute they did a little trade)
  • When someones laughing so hard they do that things where they like breathe really hard but don’t make a noise its like a strong exhale because whatever it was was that funny. 
  • When I see old couples out on a date
  • Those people who own a lot of plants and refer to themselves as “Plant Parents” 
  • Huge storms
  • Christmas Music
  • That look in someones eyes as they talk about something they are very passionate about. 
  • When people support my small business (literally brings me to tears lol)
  • When someone shows me a song because they “just feel like I would like it” or it “reminded them of me”.
  • A sunset (don’t sleep on this guys you only get to see so many) 
  • Watermelon
  • Driving home from a party with your best friends and the windows down. 
  • The thought that there is so much more of the world for me to see
  • Halloween Movies
  • When cats get in boxes
  • Making jewelry (specifically when I’m done and get to see what I just made with just my hands and my imagination idk its so satisfying) 
  • That babies breathe flower. That stuff is so cute, especially in braids. 
  • Staring in the mirror until I get that feeling that I’ve broken the matrix 
  • Musicals (they’re my guilty pleasure)
  • The feeling after a “full” shower or a shower after being on the beach all day (tell me you know what I’m talking about)
  • When animals get famous on social media (idk its just funny they have no clue what’s going on they’re just vibing) 
  • Sea-turtles
  • When you pull up next to someone at a stop light and do that awkward eye contact thing and they smile at you. 
  • When people are friends with their mailmen/ women. (It feels so pure and small towny) 


So yeah that’s kinda the rundown of what goes on in my head. You may notice I didn’t use direct opposites above. Such as Dislike and like or Hate and love. Because at the end of the day love and happiness will ALWAY be stronger than negative thoughts or ideas. That, I believe, is a rule some people have lost sight of. Anyway, That’s all for today. Try this method. Even if its just in your head. I guarantee you’ll smile when you feel like screaming. 

I love you guys thanks for always supporting me. Keep checking my website for new blog posts! <3


  • You are such an inspiration!! Proud to call you friend 💛💛💛

  • i LOVE this. it is so important!

    Lucy Mills

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