Chapter 1: Words from a Spec

Hi beautiful people.

I’m going to start this blog being super honest. I have no clue what I’m doing. Like at all. However I do have a lot to say so if even one person ends up reading these, I want to make an impact. So I decided to start this to tell my story, where this business began, how I made it happen and my mental health journey that ended up making it possible. I hope you stick around :).

Recently I have been seeing a lot about how we're all just specs on a big rock hurling through space. Maybe that's true. But for some reason I see so much beauty in that. In the grand scheme of things every action, every word spoken, and every heart broken is inconsequential. This thought has freed me. Regardless of the risks I take or the words I say, that big rock will continue to hurtle through space. And all the other specs will continue with their lives un-phased by my actions because humans inherently only care about themselves. The lesson I'm trying to get to here is to do whatever you want without hurting others. Say what you want to say. Love who you want to love. Do anything and everything you want to while you're on this planet because in 100 years from now, none of it is going to matter. With that being said, this blog was born. These are my thoughts, stories, and ideas I want to share and if it helps even one person then I'm doing my job as a spec. 

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